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Jiashan is a place of long history, which was proved from the cultural relics unearthed from Dawangwei, Duwei, Zhang An village and other cultural sites in Jiashan. These cultural relics show that the ancients have lived here farming, growing rice and feeding livestock more than 6000 years ago in the time of Majiabang Culture. On March of the fourth year of Xuande Reign of Ming dynasty (1429), when Hu Gai, the Grand Coordinator and director of Great discipline bureau was inspecting here, he reported to add a county here because of the inconvenient management. So on the 28 March next year, Qianshan town, Yongan town and Fengxian town and part of the Xushan town, Sixian town and Lingrui town in the northeast of Jiaxing were separated from Jiaxing and became Jiashan County. The people living here are friendly, honest and seldom violate the law so they call it Jiashan, because “shan” means friendly and honest. Jiashan was liberated in May 11, 1949. And in 1983 Jiashan was decided as a county and was subordinate to Jiaxing city.
Jiashan Today Location of Jiashan County
Located in Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou Plain of Taihu Lake drainage area, Jiashan County lies on the northeast part of Zhejiang province and the joint part of Jiangsu province, Zhejiang province and Shanghai municipality. It is between longitude 120°44′22″ to 121°1′45″ east and latitude 30°450′36″ to 31°1′12″ north. The figure of the county is similar with “田”. Jiashan County borders on Qingpu and Jinshan area in Shanghai on the east, borders on Pinghu City and Xiucheng District in Jiaxing City on the south, borders on Xiuzhou District in Jiaxing City, Wujiang City in Jiangsu province and Qingpu District in Shanghai on the north. The total area of the county is 507.68 square kilometers including 85.71% of land area and 14.29% water area. The terrain is high in the south compare with the north and the average height is 3.67 meters above the sea level (Wusong elevation). Weitang town, where the county town locates, is 90 kilometers away from Shanghai municipality, 110 kilometers away from Hangzhou City, 35 kilometer away from Zhapu port and 91 kilometers away from Suzhou City. It just lies on the center of Yangtze River Delta.

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