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  Three features

Three features:
The first one: an industrial town has just begun. During our developing, we emphasized on the introducing of industrial projects. Now the approved projects in this zone are 294 with a total investment of 14.656 billion RMB. 261 of them are industrial projects with as investment of 13.499 billion RMB. 33 of them are service sector with an investment of 1157 million RMB. The industrial projects occupy 92%.
Last year the industrial production value is 2545 million RMB and the tax is 200 million RMB. We estimated that the production value will be 4000 million RMB with a tax of 300 million RMB and the export will be 180 million USD. The industries of hardware, machinery, wood industry, furniture, IT are mature while the bio-pharmacy, medicine, precise machine are starting. The labor force in this zone is about 40000 and 40% of them are local.
The second one: export-oriented zone for foreign investors. Yangtze River Delta, as the biggest shining point of China, is attracting more and more international investors. During the incorporating of the Yangtze River delta economy, Jiashan government grasped this opportunity and put great effort on introducing investment to develop the economy. The zone made great achievement in attracting foreign investment.
Before 2000 the foreign investment utilized by contract was only 30 to 40 million USD. But in 2000 it was 90.37 million USD and in 2001 it was 140 million USD. In 2003 the register capital was 273 million USD and the foreign investment actually used is 120 million USD. In 2003 this achievement is the top in Zhejiang province. The foreign investment utilized by contract in the first half of this year is 158 million USD and the foreign investment actually used is 54 million USD. The investment in this zone are mainly come from U.S., Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Canada, Holland, Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and etc., altogether are 170 projects with an total investment of 1395 million USD which occupies 76%. The exporting is also increasing. Last year the export is 130 million USD and this year will be 180 million USD.
The third one: it is a place with many Taiwan businessmen. Most of the foreign investments come from Taiwan. There are 82 Taiwan enterprises with an investment of 886 million USD up to end of June 2004. Some examples are as following: Gem-year Fastener with an investment of 106 million USD, Lacquer Craft Furniture with an investment of 105 million USD, LongFeng Food, Zhejiang Lizheng Electronic Co., Ltd with an investment of 36 million USD, JCO Woodenware Co., Ltd with an investment of 30 million USD, etc. Those companies established three industrial bases: IT industry base, fastener industry base and wood industry base.


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