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The six industries:
(1) Hardware and machinery: The leading company of this industry is Gem-year Enterprise. The total investment of this company is 106 million USD and has become the biggest fastener maker in China. Its products were widely used in mechanical equipment, transportation and also used in aviation and so on. San Yung Electric Heat Machine Co.Ltd., Yeswin Company and Hongyi Company also invested here after Gem-year Company. Those companies have formed an industry chain of hardware and machinery. During these two years’ development, the products have extended from screw, screw cap to auto parts, motorbike parts, high quality bike parts, compute-use precise pressing and precise model. The production ability is 4 billion RMB per year and some of them are exported abroad.
(2) Wood industry and furniture: The veneer board produced in Jiashan is famous for high quality and large quantity and the output occupied one third in China. We approved several large wood industry companies years before. In 2002 Lacquer Craft Company invested here with an investment of 105 million USD. Then some big furniture companies and related companies such as Akzo Noble Coating Company came here. The production ability will be 6 billion RMB per year.
(3) Textile and costume: In 1994 the first foreign invested company Pelchi Fashion (Jiashan) Co,. Ltd came here. Then some textile and costume companies also invested here. During these years’ improving of technology and products those companies became famous in international market. Zhejiang Linglong Textile Co., Ltd was honored state level high-tech enterprise. This industry also creates a lot of job opportunities especially for the laid-off workers. (4) IT industry: These years we began to emphasis on the investment of IT industry. A group of companies has invested here. Some of them are the suppliers of Siemens and Motorola. Last year a computer school was established in IT industry zone. This school will provide employees for this industry.
(5) Plastic and chemical industry: This industry began with some domestic enterprises. These provincial level high-tech companies provide a solid foundation the development. These years some foreign also came here and improved the products level.
(6) Food industry: Agriculture always occupies a big sector in Jiashan. Farm products processing is also an important industry in Jiashan. There are some famous and big food industry companies in development zone.

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