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Invest in Jiashan County

Jiashan, with beautiful environment and flourishing economy, is one of the first approved coastal open counties in China. In 2001 and 2002 Jiashan ranked 31 in the top 100 developed counties in China while in 2003 it ranked 29. Relying on its advantageous location, it keeps contact with Shanghai and carries on the policies of export-oriented economy and introducing foreign investment. The development zones include Jiashan Economic Development Zone and other town industrial zones. The total foreign-invested projects are 597 up to the end of 2003. The foreign investment utilized by contract is 1812 million USD and the foreign investment actually utilized is 474 million USD.
Jiashan Economic Development Zone
Wood Industry Zone
Jiashan Bio-pharmacy Zone
Jiashan Service Center for Scientific and Technological Innovation

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