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 Invest in Jiashan County
 Tourism in Jiashan County
 Famous people in Jiashan County
 Culture of Jiashan County
Tourism in Jiashan County

The tourism is unique in Jiashan County. The ancient town is picturesque and the scenery in countryside is like a poem. There are ancient cultures, such as 6000-year-old Dawangwei site, Xingang site of Liangzhu culture in Neolithic age; culture relics protection units, such as Meihua Nunnery---Wuzhen former residence, who was one of the four greatest painters in Yuan dynasty; Xitang, an living 1000-year-old town; Dayun ecological tourism district; Fenhu Lake resort, a lake who was famous in Wu and Yue dynasty; Qian Nengxun Tomb, who was the prime minister in Republic of China; Qian Shishen former residence, who was the Minister of the Ministry of Rites and Secretary of the Grand Council in Ming dynasty; Yuanjuechan Temple; Lotus Flower Nunnery etc.
Xitang---a living 1000-year-old town
Fenhu Lake Resort
WuZhen Memorial
DaYun RongXi

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