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  Famous people in Jiashan County

Wu Zhen (1280-1354), with other names is Zhonggui and Meihua Taoist priest, was from Weitang town, Jiashan County. He was one of the four greatest painters in Yuan dynasty and also the creator of China literator Painting. He is good at and famous for landscape and bamboo painting, poem, writing. In Yuan dynasty his works are the typical representative of Chinese ancient literators.

Yao Sui (1422-1498), with other names of Dan Qiusheng, Gu Anzi and Yundongyishi, was a famous painters in Ming dynasty from Jiashan. His painting is similar with Wu Zhen, while his poem and writing are similar with Zhang Yu. He is also good at landscape, bamboo and stone painting.

Zhu NianCi (born in 1922) is an arts and craft master and famous for writing-on-fan. He is specialized in golden-writing on fan. Many of his works are collected by museums of home and abroad. His works are also used as gifts given to international friends by national leaders.

Sun Daolin (whose former name is Sun Yiliang) was born in 1921. He is a famous film artist. His main works are <Thunder Storm>, <Crow and Sparrow>, <A Chess that Didn’t Finish>, <Reconnaissance across the River>, <A Never End Electric Wave>, <A Special President>, <Home>, <March at the Early Spring>, etc. He was honored the best male actor in 1955 at the commemoration for the 100 anniversary of world film and 90 anniversary of Chinese film. Jiashan will build Sun Daolin Film Art Gallery, the first art gallery that named as a film actor in China.

Gu Xidong (1924-2003) is a famous dramatist and state first class playwright. He was the former honorary president of Literary Federation of Zhejiang Province and Dramatists Association of Zhejiang Province. His representative works are <Silkworm Flower Girl>, <The Fifth Daughter>, <The Five Daughters Congratulate the Birthday>, <The Story Happened in the Palace of Han Dynasty>, <Lu You and Tang Wan>, etc.

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