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  Jiashan Service Center for Scientific and Technological Innovation

Jiashan Service Center for Scientific and Technological Innovation, invested by Jiashan government, is a commonweal service for science and technology. It covers an area of 75324.4 square meters with an investment of 160 million RMB. The construction area is 63000 square meters including 45000 square meters for incubating building. The first phase invested 55 million RMB and constructed 30000 square meters for incubating buildings and 7000 square meters for apartments and villas.
This center develops the following fields. First: IT industry including micro-electronics devices, photoelectron devices, communication equipments and products, etc. Second: Optical-Mech-Electro-industry including roboticized machine and equipment, intellectualized instrument, etc. Third: new material industry including metal material, inorganic non-metal material, organic macromolecule material and products, composite material, etc. Fourth: new energy sources and high-efficiency and energy-efficiency industry including new energy sources equipments, high-efficiency and energy-efficiency products, etc. Fifth: bio-pharmacy industry including gene engineering medicine, gene engineering bacterin, diagnosis reagent, modern bio-technology medicine, etc.
The rent in the center will be exempted in the first year and half-deducted in the second year. The center will also provide 50000 to 200000 beginning capital and guarantee of loan and other favorable conditions.
There are more than 20 enterprises in this center, such as Chiral Quest (Jiashan) Co., Ltd engaging in chiral activator; Jiashan Weitaiweiye Co., Ltd engaging in IT research; Jiashan Huasheng Heat Exchange Co., Ltd engaging in computer radiator. There are also some R & D Center and Technology Transfer Center from Tsinghua University Yangtze River Delta Research Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Tongji University, etc.

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